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• Low Downpayment
• Reduced Closing Costs
• Reduced Bank Fees
• Reduced Attorney Fees

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What Is A Buyers Agent?
• Fact: 99% of agents represent the seller.
• Who is representing you?
• A listing agent legally represents the seller.
• We represent you the buyer, which in turn saves you thousands of dollars.
• We do not charge you a fee.

Affordable Home Program LLC is a program designed to help all people achieve the dream of homeownership. AHP is comprised of professionals who work for the people and take pride in dealing honestly and with integrity while guiding you through the difficult process of becoming a homeowner. NOT EVERYBODY IS READY TODAY! You will still need to take the appropriate measures today to achieve your dream. Working with the right professionals who look you in the eye and give straight answers will save you many thousands of dollars over the course of homeownership.

We will not abandon you! When you become a homeowner through our program you join our family and we are always a phone call away for free advice. This is not just a statement but a culture here at AHP.

Todd Miranda
NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker

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